A downloadable game for Windows

This game is an on rail shooter where you shoot things... I've been meaning to release this build in some way or another and finally made and itch.io account. and I based the gameplay off of Star Fox. I have a Youtube channel that i upload updates to this game.

this is basically whats in the prototype. No real surprises. Just a bit of gameplay i did change the text up a bit at the end though.

this was my latest update to the game. The laser sight isn't in the prototype here because there are still a few bugs i want to work out.

And this is an older update but it does showcase what all of the power ups do as of now.

This is still in an early proto-type phase so if you have any problems or ideas with controls anything else let me know in the comments.

Install instructions

Okay just unzip the folder and then click the exe name project white noise.


PWN.zip 14 MB


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Really hard to aim :)


I'm actually working on a fix for that. I am adding a lock on mechanism with a laser sight. The laser lights up red when you look at a target youll be able to right click and you'll be locked on.